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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure Customer Satisfaction & Improve Your Teams Performance

Unlock the power of customer insights to drive agent performance and business growth. 

Collect Valuable Customer Feedback Across Multiple Channels
Automatically deliver surveys via Email, Text, Chat, Web & IVR. Surveys can be configured in multiple language options and are multimedia friendly, allowing you to reach a wider audience and gather more detailed feedback. Easily track and monitor responses in real-time.
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Measure the Metrics that Matter Most 
Create customizable surveys measuring customer experience metrics that drive your business such as Customer Satisfaction, First Call Resolution, Net Promoter Score and Customer effort . Brand surveys with company logo and colors. 
Win Customers Back After Negative Experiences
Automatically create and assign tickets for customer follow-up after poor survey scores. Define Service Level Objectives & track resolution of customer issues. Deliver training and coaching to agents to address issues. 
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Uncover Coaching Opportunities and Areas for Improvement 
Understand and act on customer feedback via intuitive, role-based dashboards. Access a variety of reports including Individual & Team Scorecards, NPS, Trends, Response Overviews and raw data exports. 
Safe, Secure & Compliant 
Proponisi adheres to all SPAM laws and provides opt-out options for every survey sent. Information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and encrypted into Proponisi’s database. 
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Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level
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