Customer Driven Manager [CDM]

This easy to use, scalable, and centrally managed platform, equips your organization with the tools needed to improve customer experience inside and outside the call center.

If you ask, they will tell.



Gathering feedback from customers after they engage with your contact center is a no brainer. If you don’t, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to gain a fresh, credible perspective on the customer experience your organization provides.


CDM can collect customer experience feedback via email, text message, and IVR surveys. Designed to improve response rates, CDM surveys can be sent immediately after the interaction and customized to match the look and feel of your brand. 


Whatever metrics are important to your organization - Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), First Call Resolution (FCR), Customer Effort (CES), or Agent Soft skills - we are able to gather feedback from your customers dynamically. 


Every agent is different. Every customer is different. Every transaction is different. Why does every survey have to look the same?


With CDM you can customize email, IVR, and SMS surveys to focus on individual gaps for each unique agent, whether 1 or 10,000.  This allows contact leadership to pinpoint and drive improvement one agent at a time. Customers can also be engaged to specifically coach and encourage employees in their areas of focus. 

"The ability to connect effectively with our customers and easily receive quality feedback has changed the way we do business here tremendously for the better."


Asking agents for their feedback lets them know their opinions are valued and sheds light on opportunities for improving engagement in your contact center. Not to mention, frontline agents are the first to know what your customers really think about your product and services. 


Uncover key drivers of agent engagement and business insights with CDM’s engagement surveys. Fully customizable, CDM engagement surveys can be triggered ad hoc, or scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Create your own questions or leverage CDM’s bank of best practice questions.

Uncover the why behind the feedback



Zero in on what matters most to customers by drilling down into customer scores and comments to surface important keywords and trends. 


Utilizing sentiment and text analytics, CDM helps you understand your customers needs, wants, and pain points and how they view your products and services. 


With CDM, each user see's what is relevant to them based on customizable permissions stemming from your organizational chart.


Proponisi's intuitive and graphically-based interface makes it easier for every user across your organization to understand and act on feedback.

"Thousands of our wonderful NTTA customers are coaching, encouraging, and advising our world class team of employees each month. The results are stunning."


CDM synchronizes the voice of your customers with other key contact center drivers such as Adherence, Talk Time, and Quality Monitoring to drive decisions for agent performance.


This includes decisions on training type, frequency, and access. With CDM, the contact center is able to capture customer verbatims that are significant to the company while also pursuing gaps in agent performance that could be tied to knowledge, soft skills or simply the motivation to show up on time and ready to work. 

Turn customer feedback into action



CDM shares the relevant insights to the relevant stakeholders within your organization.


Utilizing real-time alerts, your teams inside and outside the contact center will have exactly what they need to accelerate change across your business.  


Excellent customer service requires fast follow-up. If things go south, it is imperative to recover at-risk customers and activate promoters.

CDM's closed loop ticketing lets you follow up on every customer interaction and automatically create and assign tickets from any type of survey response.

Active Listening

Part II 



CDM utilizes feedback from customers to identify coaching opportunities and automatically delivers agent specific training, coaching, GIF tips and motivation to drive retention and performance. CDM automatically assigns agent specific training, coaching, motivation and connectivity expressly made for the frontline rep.


Leverage Proponisi’s training content or upload your own. Once your employees have completed the online training modules, CDM allows you to easily create & distribute quizzes to your employees to ensure they are absorbing the subject matter.


 Let’s face it - the job of a contact center agent is stressful, monotonous and often overwhelming. No wonder turnover is so high. Agents who are engaged stick around longer, deliver great customer experiences, and ultimately drive revenue for your business.  

Tackle burnout with CDM’s Top Rep Gamification module. With a focus on connectivity, performance, accomplishments and personal growth - Top Rep is equipped with mini contests, badges, and belts built around customer experience survey responses, KPI’s and agent’s daily tasks. It translates the KPI’s of the C-Suite and Company goals directly to the frontline in their personal format. 

Are you Customer Driven?