• Michael J. Tamer

5 Reasons to be Thankful for Call Center Agents

This Thanksgiving season we have a lot to be thankful for. Here are 5 reasons why we are thankful for frontline representatives:

1. Frontline Agents Show Up

Showing up is half the battle and makes the call center run smoothly. Thank you for coming in day in and day out to serve our customers.

2. Frontline Agents Build Customer Loyalty

Our customers remember your service and support. They stick around because of their experience with you. Thank you for helping build loyal customers.

3. Frontline Agents are Patient and Kind

You are at your best many times when the situation is the worst. Thank you for being patient and kind even when the person on the other end is sometimes not.

4. Frontline Agents Help Our New Employees

At one time we were all new. Your help and support with new agents allows us to give every customer the service they deserve. Thank you for being a great team member.

5. Frontline Agents Treat Every Call like Their First Call

For you it may be the 10th call of the day, but for the customer it is their first and most important call. Thank you for understanding that, and greeting each customer with the same enthusiasm, encouragement and a professional attitude.

Be sure to thank your frontline agents for all they do this holiday season.