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Training & Communication

Empower your team with the knowledge & skills to succeed

With dispersed workforces becoming the norm, our training platform delivers your content or ours intelligently. Our training allows multiple reinforcement of skills and knowledge that directly drive your KPI’s. 

Easily Create and Organize Training Content 
Build courses from scratch, or reuse content you’ve already created. Upload PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Audio, Video, and SCORM files. Group related courses into categories and folders and tag content for easy access. Set up curriculum paths and award certifications for completion. 
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Assess Knowledge & Track Learning Progress
Build your own quizzes, tests, and assignments to evaluate learners. Access a variety of reports including Course Overviews, Quiz Question Performance, Assigned Training Status, Trainee Performance & exportable Excel sheets. Reinforce content with Pop Quizzes. 
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Keep everyone in the loop, communicate changes clearer
Ensure important information is disseminated quickly and accurately, keeping your team informed and up-to-date. Attach a quiz or statement of acknowledgement to ensure that the message has been received and understood by everyone.
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Empower your Team with Personalized, Automated Training
Automate training to be sent to employees based on pre-configured conditions. Send based on a variety of metrics and data sources - including surveys and performance data. 
Assess and Improve the Effectiveness of your Training Program
Conduct post-training surveys to gain valuable insights into how well your employees are retaining and applying the information they have learned. Identify areas where additional training may be needed to ensure agents are equipped to succeed in their roles.
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Supplement your Content with Proponisi's Contact Center Training Library 
Access a comprehensive library of training content specifically designed for the contact center industry. Courses cover a wide range of topics including Soft Skills, Call Control, Time Management, Leadership, and Coaching. These foundational skills are essential for every role in a contact center and are developed by a dedicated team of industry experts. 
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Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level
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