Better performance starts with purpose.

An employee engagement platform that empowers contact center leaders to connect their people with their mission, improving call quality, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

A Holistic Approach to Contact Centers

We define, measure, and drive engagement with input from three vital voices.


From adherence to soft skills, leadership is empowered to measure everything that matters to their operations.


We gather and analyze customer feedback and turn it into personalized coaching opportunities specific to each rep.


Front-line employees challenge each other, actively participating in their own improvement, driving quality scores well beyond the benchmarks.

“I used to worry about all the team members who weren’t meeting standards. Now I look forward to seeing how many have far surpassed them.”

-Doug Johnson

Companies Increasing Performance with Purpose


Your People are

the Solution 

Our platform helps them meet your mission and achieve their personal potential.

Proponisi is powerful because it’s easy to use. Our agent dashboard makes performance metrics accessible and engaging, promoting adoption—because tech that isn’t used isn’t useful.

Utilize The Power of Gamification 

Top Rep

Our gamification module rewards short term and long term performance, encourages positive team interaction, and integrates mission-critical KPIs.

Simple tools for mutual feedback


Pulse Checks

Pulse checks give team members at any level of your organization a voice and offer leadership insights into engagement by role, team, or more.

A Workforce That's Always Improving


With dispersed workforces becoming the norm, a robust, digital-first training program is essential. Our training content is accessible and effective, built for agent-tailored automation.

Explore Proponisi's Platform and Features


Customer-Influenced Coaching

We capture VoC data through multiple existing channels and empower your coaches to use it (we also offer an integrated VoC platform if your existing solutions aren’t cutting it).

Keeps teams customer-focused

Informs agent and supervisor of agent’s strengths and weaknesses

Tailors surveys to agents’ performance goals

Makes sustained 1:1 coaching truly scalable

Our rigorous coaching system returns an


reduction in operating costs

Non-Coaching Organizations experience


Unresolved Callbacks

Easy Integration 

Connecting Proponisi with your workforce management, CX, and other systems brings insights into one place for the whole team to share.

Check out our podcast:  The Contact Center Coach

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The Four-Minute Customer, by Proponisi founder and CEO, Michael J. Tamer, gets the contact center focus back to where it should be: on the people providing care.

An Informed Coach

The Four Minute Customer is a must for all levels of leadership in sales and service trying to take their organizations to the next level.

Rick Herrington, National Director of Technology, HNTB


Your people can provide better customer service, not because you demand more of them, but because they learn to expect more of themselves--showing you how they plan to raise the bar.

You believe in your team.


We empower them to exceed your expectations.


Your customers will love the experience.



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