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About Proponisi

In the fast-paced world of contact centers, data overload and constant alarms for every issue can overwhelm teams and employees. At Proponisi, we envision a different approach. Our application combines the heart and soul of human interaction with the power of advanced AI to encourage, reward, and uplift your teams.

Our Motto

Our guiding principle is simple yet profound: build leaders who understand that people in the contact center need joy more than KPIs, a sense of purpose more than sophisticated monitoring, and a champion more than a supervisor.

We Understand Contact Centers

Formerly Tamer Partners Corporation, Proponisi has provided award-winning enterprise product solutions and professional services to customer-driven organizations for over a decade. With over a century of combined contact center experience, our team excels at helping you serve your customers. Our name, Proponisi, is Greek for "coaching," reflecting our commitment to working with you and your team to meet the mission-critical needs of your customers.

Continuous Improvement Loops

We implement continuous improvement loops for onboarding employees, new hire training, nesting, and daily operations within the center. Our platform seamlessly integrates training, coaching, recognition, and performance management to create a holistic support system for your team.

Our Customers Love Us

Our unwavering dedication to superior service and support has earned us the love and trust of our customers. We strive to make you love us, too, by remaining prompt, agile, and attentive to your needs. As one of our clients remarked, "The service solutions and support have been terrific. Proponisi continues to deliver on our requests, remaining prompt and agile to the needs of our program."

Affordable and Easy to Work With

We offer competitive pricing and high-value products that ensure your organization gets the best return on investment.

Scalable Solutions

Whether your team has 10 employees or 10,000, our solutions scale effortlessly to meet the demands of the largest global organizations.

Automated Coaching and Personalized Development

Our platform automatically encourages and coaches employees based on their needs, informing coaches and leaders while recommending the best next steps. This ensures each team member receives personalized development and support.

Committed to Your Success

Our dedicated client success managers are here to help you realize the full value of our technology. We ensure you stay on track and succeed through training and best practice sharing.

Innovative Development Team

Our nimble development team can create virtually any solution you can imagine, continuously innovating to meet your evolving needs.

Listening and Improving

We practice what we preach by listening to our clients and acting on their needs. Our team continuously seeks new ideas and solutions to help you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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