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The Contact Center Coach Podcast is a must-listen for anyone in the contact center industry who wants to improve their leadership skills. Hosted by contact center veteran, Michael J. Tamer, this podcast covers topics such as building a positive culture, engaging your team, developing strong leadership skills, onboarding and training new hires, and improving your own self-help practices. Tune in for expert insights and practical tips that will help you create a more productive, effective, and enjoyable workplace.

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Meet your Coach

Michael J. Tamer is a 25-year veteran of the customer contact industry. Michael is the author of the book, The Four-Minute Customer, and visionary who was at the forefront of contact center quality monitoring software development. Throughout his career, Michael has been teaching the benefits of quality to organizations all over the world, including the United States Senate. Michael has received honors for his career achievements including Call Center Magazine's Pioneer Award and induction into the Call Center Hall of Fame.

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